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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise funding from our supporters and donors to support the vocational training programs for young Myanmar people as well as child trafficking awareness community education programs organized via the Myanmar STEP-IN STEP-UP (SISU) organization. Reduction and prevention of child trafficking in Myanmar while working with Myanmar agencies to disrupt and dismantle the practice of child trafficking Myanmar is our priority.

We view a world where achieving a positive impact on every vulnerable Myanmar child’s well-being, education, and vocational skills development enables them to reach their full potential. A world free of child trafficking is our ultimate vision.


​We are compassionate, respectful, ethical, and equitable. We show initiative and are result driven.

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Vision & Values

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The SCOT Project is so important for the prevention of Child Trafficking. The increase in the human trafficking of Myanmar women and children has been running in tandem with the economic crisis that has taken hold in Myanmar. Both due to the years of Covid19 and the takeover by the Military of the Government in 2021. On local Rotary advice, children are being more frequently trafficked for the theft and transplant of their bodily organs. The greatest prevention against Child Trafficking is youth vocational training and consequently youth employment.


A connection was made between the SCOT group and the Myanmar based STEP-IN STEP-UP (SISU) Vocational Training Centre who trains young adults in slum areas of Yangon. Since starting the program, SISU has trained more than 1000 graduates, and helped place up to 70% in meaningful jobs.

SISU uses their platform to educate parents, young adults and children about the deceptive ways of Child Traffickers.

These measures will limit the child trafficking for organ theft. Myanmar authorities have little resources from Government to stop this horrendous sickening practice. Parents who are extremely poor are offered USD $50 from Child Traffickers who say they will employ their son or daughter in a factory. The child they are told will send money home each month to help with the family finances. The child is never seen again and will eventually be murdered for their organs. Those stolen organs will find their way into China, Thailand, or India for USD $150,000 to $350,000 to desperate wealthy parents who need an urgent organ for a sick child. This is a billion-dollar criminal illegal activity.

WHAT A Child's

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Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is a registered charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). RAWCS  can be found on the Charity Register. We display this symbol to promote our commitment to being transparent, accountable, and well-run.

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