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What we do

The SCOT Project stands for Stop Child Organ Theft. Our founder on one of his many trips to Myanmar in early 2018 found a small article in the Myanmar Times that mentioned an increase in human trafficking in Myanmar of women and children. Then on local Rotary advise was told the trafficking of children was becoming more frequent for the theft and transplant of their organs. The trafficking for children’s organs in Myanmar is a major issue for authorities who have little resources devoted to trying to stop this horrendous sickening practice. Parents who are extremely poor are offered USD $50 from “Child Traffickers” who say they will employ their child in a factory. They are told the child will send money home each month to help with family finances. The child is never seen again and will eventually be murdered for their organs. Those stolen organs will find their way into the China, Thailand, India or Singapore and sold for USD $150,000 to $350,000 to desperate wealthy parents who need an urgent organ transplant for a sick child. This is a Billion Dollar Criminal activity.

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On investigation into Child Trafficking in Myanmar, a connection was made with the STEP-IN STEP-UP (SISU), a Myanmar based not for profit organisation  who started vocational training academy for young people in slum areas of Yangon. SISU offers skills to empower the local youth, enabling them to find valuable entry level jobs.  The Vocational On-the-Job Training includes various entry level training for roles such as a Health Care Aide Workers, Kitchen Assistant, Restaurant Waiter, Hotel Guest attendant, Receptionist, Café Barista, Seamstress and Aged Care worker. As well as the vocational skills the students are taught office etiquette, English proficiency, basic computer literacy, customer service, and team building.


Through local village-led development and education, SISU aims to inform parents, teenagers and children of the trickery and conniving ways that Child Traffickers. SISU uses practical, grassroots programs and projects that inform, educate and spread the word about child traffickers. SISU primarily exist to serve the vulnerability and marginalisation people in Yangon Myanmar with a heavy focus on community- level work.

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Tax Income Reports


When you give to SCOT Project, you can be confident that every single dollar given is 100% Tax Deductible and goes directly to our international development work to Stop Child Organ Theft via our partner at the STEP-IN STEP-UP (SISU) program. Their program is audited, registered and has been quality checked, inspected by Rotary Boards and members. Also micro accounting audits have been undertaken by KPMG and UN agencies all passing with low risk outcomes. Integrity, accountability and responsible charitable outcomes are our hallmark and our ethos. Everything we do, every dollar we raise and expend goes to the end user for welfare and benefit of the children concerned. That is our promise that is what we do. Our 100% Tax Deductible Giving is made possible by the Rotary World Community Service (RAWCS), and all our fundraising administration is undertaken by Rotary volunteers who want to stop this terrible slaughter of innocent Myanmar children, and give families and young adults a better life. Your donation allows us to take action. We appreciate any and all contributions as we are 100 percent funded by your generosity.    Finally why not arrange a Fundraiser for the SCOT project with your family and friends and help stop this terrible affliction of innocent children.


Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is a registered charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). RAWCS  can be found on the Charity Register. We display this symbol to promote our commitment to being transparent, accountable, and well-run.

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