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Learn the facts:

  • Over 25% of Myanmar families live in abject poverty with no welfare system

  • In some areas where there is great poverty, adults are earning about $2-$4 a day,                                                           as a laborer doing fishing, factory work, road work or agricultural work

  • In most “Slum Villages” there is no electricity, no running water and no sewer

  • Women and child abuse are common and lack of hygiene is everywhere

  • Poor health outcomes are the norm and medical treatment unaffordable

  • Famine and hunger in families is common and nutrition levels extremely low

  • Over 15 million Myanmar people live in squalor and destitute conditions

  • With all of the above going on Child Traffickers are just preying on families                                                                       especially poor parents with lots of children


Disruption starts with you!  You can become a contributor to our cause, and help stop the cycle of poverty and child organ theft yourself. Your donation allows us to take action. We appreciate any and all contributions as we are 100 percent funded by your generosity.

Spread the Word 

Raise awareness about child organ trafficking: Volunteer, start a campaign, support us on social media, or become an ambassador. Be a DISRUPTER  on Social Media. Do not accept that nothing can be done – you can do more, you can be an effective change maker in todays world. 


Host an event

Organize a fundraiser or social event to support the fight to Stop Child Organ Theft. Run a raffle, have a dinner fundraiser night, organise a fun run, have a games night or restaurant dinner for a large group. There are so many ways to host an event, it's easy and simple and helps make a difference to lives that need your help.

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is a registered charity through the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC). RAWCS  can be found on the Charity Register. We display this symbol to promote our commitment to being transparent, accountable, and well-run.

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